2018 Cybersecurity Resolutions To Make It As Secure As You Think

Cybersecurity is at the center of discussion everywhere especially after the renewed threats of more cyber attacks in 2018. The year 2017 is coming to an end. Revisiting the stories cum actual big-ticket losses all over the world, security experts appear running pillar to post assuring their customers. But, the million dollar question is how secure they really are. Having said that, we mean, when you say AES-256 encryption (that is the military-grade encryption in the US), it doesn’t necessarily connote that your legacy is completely protected.

The reality is here that your cybersecurity is the result of a cohesive effort that parties involved must maintain in their entire process. To elaborate it further, understand that your endeavor to enhance the security of your existing system must follow a systematic approach. In other words, what you do and how you do are all that important here. Therefore, AES-256 isn’t sufficient unless it is done within the approved framework of the NSA encryption module.

Why AES-256 isn’t all for your cybersecurity:

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard that the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology approved on November 26, 2001, as the specification for electronic data encryption. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge. AES-256 is essentially an upgrade over DES (Data Encryption Standard), a product of 1977.

Now, NSA stands for National Security Agency, a body that was established in 1952, to look after U.S. Government encryption system. Since then, the agency is continually evolving for setting up an error-free marvel in encryption technology framework.

The way forward, it is an imperative for you to ensure that what you do is at par with how you do with a view to securing your digital assets and the legal heirs. You must, therefore, segregate the entire process into four distinct steps such as the following on top of securing your digital assets with the encrypted e-vaults.

  • Choose the right delivery method: You will be surprised to know that the delivery method of digital assets can be heart wrenching especially in this era when trespassing or security breach is a common phenomenon. In other words, you have to ensure that your digital assets are delivered to your legal heirs in an encrypted environment where companies like LegacyArmour have taken the lead for sure.
  • Preselect your recipients: Preselection of your recipients leads to another level of security to your digital assets since those handful people will only have access to it.
  • Preselect your collaborators: Another level of check here is the preselection of your collaborators who will have a very limited access to your digitized assets such as the medical history.
  • Uploading your files: How you upload your files is a matter of concern too. You must, therefore, work in a secure environment while uploading your files.

In short, you will not see any respite from the adverse effects of malware attacks in the year 2018. Instead, hackers will keep you busy taking your security concerns to a new height with the increased pace of digitization worldwide.

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