Is Cryptocurrency The New Malady Or A Boon?

Much water has flowed under the bridge since the launch of cryptocurrency. It is palpably the New Age currency with an improved security feature. But, the crux is that cryptocurrency has now been the hot target of hackers and robbers worldwide. Even in the US, many people have suffered due to the explicit crypto wealth that they disclosed knowingly or unknowingly. Having said that, we mean, the disclosure of your crypto assets can potentially put you in trouble. Cases like abduction for ransom and cryptocurrency robbery at gunpoint have been reported. Therefore, the real challenge now is to safeguard the cryptocurrency wallet.

Coming this far, you may be flummoxed at the thought that cryptocurrency isn’t good at all as you invest your hard-earned money to acquire it first and then, you face the troubles from the criminals worldwide. This isn’t true on a holistic basis. Having said that, we mean, like any other currency, cryptocurrency too has become the target of both online and offline criminals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop saving money. Instead, you must find out ways and means to protect it. There are specialized service providers here such as the LegacyArmour that can protect your crypto assets with a guaranty.

Hence, you have nothing to worry despite owning a good amount of crypto wealth. What you need here is the security services of experts like LegacyArmour who would do the handholding and secure your digital currency. Therefore, what you do and how you do will matter most here. It further construes that your ability to think differently will be the real game changer here. Think different and become a smart cryptocurrency wallet owner.

Things that you should know about a security expert:

  • Evault: You may have heard e-vaults many times before. But, that apparently didn’t make any difference to your life. If that’s the thought bugging you now, let us tell you that like the five fingers of your hand, not all the e-vaults are equal.
  • Insurance: While selecting a security expert to protect your digital currency, you must check whether the company has insurance or not. This works in your favor as you would enjoy an extra layer of security with the assurance of getting your money back at no extra cost. LegacyArmour, for instance, has been awarded the Top 10 InsurTech Award 2017.

Though encryption technology is touted as the most sophisticated technology with a view to securing your digital assets, it has different grades. For instance, the military grade encryption would essentially mean based on the importance of a document such as the top secret, sensitive, and classified, they are encrypted using off-the-shelf encryption algorithms with varied key lengths. You will be happy to know that companies like LegacyArmour have their in-house R&D (Research & Development) center that develops the most pruned algorithms with different key lengths.

On the whole, it is your ability to take timely action that would secure your digital currency in the first place. Security experts like LegacyArmour can only help you stay protected in your lifetime and pass on the benefits to your legal descendants as per your will.