Cyber Security Predictions For 2018

Though it may sound like a sarcasm in the first place, the reality is that the challenge to protect your legacy will be increasing day by day. Having said that, we mean, it is the human brain that’s developing programs aimed at hacking the existing cybersecurity systems. If you go by Darwin’s theory of evolution, the average IQ of the people is increasing in every generation. In other words, it means the challenge for digital asset management will be tough with each passing year.

However, having said that, we do not talk about the doomed destiny of the digital world. Instead, we advocate for placing more and more pruned security systems and experts in place with a view to protecting your digital assets as well as legacy online. This is a must especially with the thought the whole world is moving towards digitization and it is the new growth driver in every aspect of human life. Can you really afford to be left behind? We, therefore, present a couple of areas here that are likely to be worst hit in the year 2018.

Internet of things

  • Internet of things (IoT): The IoT will be one of the worst affected areas in 2018 especially in view of its vulnerability to a security breach. For your information, the IoT is the network between the physical devices such as the mobile phone, home appliances, and electronic items that you can control remotely by exchanging data. According to an estimate, the use of IoT will cover 30 billion objects worldwide by the year 2020.

In other words, the scope of security breach here is likely to increase manifold in 2018 itself. As a matter of fact, critical infrastructure projects as well as the US government, for instance, will be vulnerable to many more such attacks soon. This will be further aggravated in view of the recent clandestine security breaches at Equifax and others.

  • Potential increase in phishing campaigns: As the tension with North Korea keeps mounting, the need for data protection insurance plan will keep rising in sync with the number of online threats. It is important to mention here that North Korea has a strict regime in place thereby enjoys an extra layer of protection in the cyberspace. On the flip side, the US government and its infrastructure projects will be at the high risk of security breach. Such attacks will palpably become significant from the support of North Korean allies.

Therefore, the digital asset management will be at the center of a renewed challenge in the US as a whole. You are likely to experience more and more phishing campaigns online in 2018. In consequence, more and more defacement of websites, personal data theft, computer glitches, and the internet disablement, for instance, are likely to take place in 2018.

Therefore, to protect your legacy in 2018, you would need expert services such as those from the companies like LegacyArmour that has earned an undisputed leadership in the security business in the US and in some parts of Europe. The best part is that the company is fast expanding leveraging its state-of-the-art technical know-how and R&D befitting the interests of its customers worldwide.