Are Encrypted Vaults a Best Practice For Data Security?

Even a minute data security failure could eventually lead to huge organizational damage.  In fact, statistics show that many companies that suffer a data breach go out of business because of the loss of consumer trust. Adding to that, the Federal Trade Commission has established that a failure to implement adequate security is an unfair trade practice that can result in fines and criminal charges. So it is highly essential to protect your Corporate legacy by using state of the art encryption practices.

Encrypted vault

Encryption is considered by security experts to be the table stakes for operating any information system today.  But while encryption is great for protecting the confidentiality of information, it doesn’t protect the information from loss.  The best way to accomplish both is through the use of Encrypted vaults.  Encrypted vaults ensure the three cornerstones of information security: Confidentiality, Integreity, and Access, frequently just referred to as “CIA.”

Encrypted Vaults are a best practice for data security

If the vaults are designed correctly, all aspects of CIA are protected.

  • Confidentiality:

Confidentiality is assured if the vault uses full end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption.  Anything less than that can be compromised.  But in addition to keeping prying eyes out of the vault, the vault must provide for a foolproof way to identify who can have access to the vault.  Too many companies claim to encrypt their data, but they only do it once it is uploaded.  By then it is too late.

  • Integrity:

With the advent of Cloud services, reliably backing up a data store has become much easier.  High value vaults must be backed-up using multiple, geographically-redundant servers to ensure that even if the primary store was corrupted or destroyed, the backup is still viable.

  • Accessibility:

Custom vaults ensure that both the vault owner and the owner’s designated recipients can access the vault at any time. Unlike something like a safe deposit box where access is only available during standard working hours, a custom vault is accessible 24×7, because life doesn’t happen on a schedule!

  • Protecting now and in the future:

What happens if you upload a file into your vault that is infected with malware, and then when your recipients download that file, it infects their machine?  That isn’t much of a legacy!  Our vaults scan uploads for malware before the files are encrypted to ensure that your data is not only safe, but it is also clean.