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How Safe Are Your Medical Records?

With today’s medical and technological advancements, it is important to know if your medical record storage is safe. Most of your medical records are probably being replaced with EMR (Electronic Medical Records). By using EMR, medical professionals are able to save time, reduce costs, and improve quality of service. However, there are necessary precautions you must take to keep your medical records safe. Here are some things you should know about the safety of your medical records:

The Threat of Being Hacked

As unlikely as it may seem, hackers are just as interested in medical institutions as they are in banks and retailers. In fact, one out of four cyber attacks is on a healthcare organization. By hacking into your medical record storage, hackers are able to get access to Social Security Numbers, addresses, and medical histories, as well as other information that can be used to steal your identity.

Research has shown that cyber attacks cost hospitals billions of dollars each year. Additionally, one out of thirteen patients has their medical records attacked by a hacker. However, there are measures to keep your medical record storage safe. Encryption usually keeps out unauthorized individuals. Many institutes use additional firewalls as well to give your medical records an extra layer of security.

The Risk of Human Interference

You may be wondering why medical record hacks are so common if they have the protection of firewalls and encryption. The answer is simple: human interference. This is because anyone who is a part of the care of a patient has access to their medical record storage. Many people are a part of your patient care. Nurses, billing officers, clinic and office staff, and network administrators all have access to your medical records.

Patients can also be responsible for the leaking of their information. Under HIPPA, patients can access their medical records through a request of their file. However, issues arise when patients store these files on their personal devices. Any medical information stored on a personal device will not have the same amount of protection it would receive at a hospital or clinic. This can lead to information breaches.

Safe Medical Record Storage

Although it’s dangerous to store medical records on your personal computer or other device, you do have options for storing your records while keeping them accessible to the necessary parties. With LegacyArmour’s asset protection platform, you can safely store your records and make them accessible to your family, emergency services, and health providers in the event of your incapacitation. The platform uses state of the art zero knowledge encryption to protect your files and make sure they stay out of the wrong hands.

It is important to keep your medical record storage safe. If someone gains access to your medical information, they can easily commit insurance fraud or steal your identity. This is why it is important to keep your medical records safe and off of personal devices. To learn more about keeping your medical records safe, contact LegacyArmour.

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