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Leaving Your Family Unprotected – Unclaimed Life Insurance

When you bought your life insurance policy, you wanted to protect your family. Your life insurance benefits could help your family pay for expensive funeral costs and keep themselves from other financial difficulties. But what if your family didn’t have access to those life insurance benefits? Sadly, unclaimed insurance benefits leave many families without the protection that they need after a loved one passes away.

Unclaimed Insurance Benefits

Unclaimed insurance benefits create a surprisingly common problem in the United States. In fact, billions of dollars have gone unclaimed. Life insurance payments don’t happen automatically. Beneficiaries have to make a claim before they can receive their benefits. As a result, many families pay for funeral expenses out of pocket when they could have otherwise used the money from a life insurance policy. If you happen to provide your family’s primary source of income, the cost of rebuilding their lives without those insurance benefits could cause years of financial strain and even bankruptcy.

Does Your Family Know?

Have you discussed your life insurance policy with your family members? If something happened to you, would someone in your family know how to find your policy? People tend to forget about their life insurance policies once they’ve purchased a plan. Unclaimed insurance benefits stay unclaimed because people don’t realize that they can collect money. When people don’t have easy access to insurance policies, they won’t be able to use those benefits. Furthermore, when a family has to deal with the grief that comes from losing a family member, practicalities such as life insurance get ignored. If you’ve never mentioned to your family that you have a life insurance policy, the thought likely won’t even cross their minds in the future. Even if you’ve mentioned it once or twice, they still may not recall where to find the information.

Legacy Armour Can Help

At Legacy Armour, we can help you make sure that your family claims their insurance benefits. Legacy Armour is a secure, encrypted system that allows you to store important information, including life insurance information, in digital vaults. In the event of your death or incapacitation, Legacy Armour can automatically deliver your information to your beneficiaries. You won’t have to worry about unclaimed insurance benefits because your family won’t have to search for your policy. They’ll have the information right at their fingertips as soon as they need it. Do you want to protect your family today? Start your free trial now.

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