LegacyArmour To Co-Present A Proposed IoT Security Certification Framework At Secure360 Conference

Are you thinking of living well knowing that your important digital assets are fully secured now and even in the future? LegacyArmour is here with its objective of protecting the future for your family and for you simply by ensuring that they have easy access to your important information whenever required and especially when it is required the most.

At LegacyArmour, you can have your information stored in specifically designed encrypted vaults for monitoring your well-being and for automatically delivering it to beneficiaries and recipients in times of incapacitation and death. LegacyArmour has the potential to store information like health directives, wills, insurance policies and finances of individuals and businesses. Unclaimed benefits will be a thing of past with this user-friendly service offering loved ones complete access to almost everything that they require. Not only individual services, but there are even scopes of business data security services available with LegacyArmour.

The CEO and the founder of LegacyArmour, Sahar Ismail is all set to co-present a proposed IoT Security certification framework at the upcoming Secure360 Conference to be held on 16th May with its location being Minneapolis. With this project of presenting the IoT Security certification framework at the Minneapolis Secure360 Conference, the founder and the CEO are quite clear of the fact that IoT security is on her agenda.

Because of the fast IoT adoption rates on the part of the customers, it has become quite difficult to secure them. This is because of varied IoT gadget categories introducing interoperability problems and insufficient agreed-upon standards for securing such gadgets or tools. The presentation by Sahar Ismail will propose the development and the implementation of a certain rating mechanism based on the development and the adoption of synchronized security profiles. Keeping in view that the heterogeneous factors are generally mitigated through manufacturing boundaries, operational drivers and competition, the rating mechanism would be mapping out the threat for each IoT group.

The most important learning points at this presentation will be business cases for IoT security star certification framework, IoT threat structure and score the device risks of IoT, IoT security star certification principles and building blocks and free public searchable certified IoT devices database for making informed buying decisions and for the use of consumers.

Sahar Ismail, the founder and the CEO of LegacyArmour and Faisal Kaleem, the associate professor at Department of Information and Computer Sciences, Metropolitan State University will be presenting the IoT Security Certification Framework at Secure 360. Faisal Kaleem also serves as the senior representative of the Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota and possesses good experience as a cybersecurity practitioner. On the other hand, Sahar Ismail possesses good experience in healthcare, leadership, service-oriented architecture, finance, international commerce and project management.

The presentation is probably one of the most innovative offerings that have the potential of enabling cybersecurity in businesses and organizations. It will pave the way for a future with advanced cybersecurity measures that can help businesses and organizations in chasing the right path.

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