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LegacyArmour Provide Encrypted Vaults For Corporate Assets

You may have heard quite a lot about the digital assets and the encrypted vaults these days, especially after the Equifax debacle that pushed more than 143 million Americans in a tizzy. All data such as the credit card, birth date, Social Security Numbers, and the driving license were compromised in this cyber attack. The incident once again reaffirms the growing need to protect your legacy. You will be happy to know that companies like LegacyArmour are bringing silent revolutions here bespoke to the industry needs either directly to you or through your business partners in the US.

However, with the extensive studies in the domain of cybersecurity backed by hands-on experience and expertise company LegacyArmour opine that it’s predominantly the ignorance or maybe the lackadaisical attitude towards legacy that causes disasters. Many of you may be aware of the potential dangers of losing your privacy online. But, you start taking things for granted as if someone else is responsible to protect your legacy. However, the good news is that some companies have now uploaded HD (high definition) video contents that provide you meaningful insights and learning on legacy protection.

With the passage of time, there will be an increasing need for an extra layer of security to protect digital assets. As a matter of fact, LegacyArmour have  already begun experimenting with artificial intelligence that aims to bring about a sea change here. It further construes that more triggers will be put to use soon with a view to achieving a 100% accuracy in sending protected information across the nodes. In other words, your legacy will be more secure in the coming years than before much ahead of the hackers’ activity around the world.

But, you must remember that it’s an ongoing process. Therefore, the scope for introducing new technology in this field will keep growing manifold especially with an increasing number of cyber attacks like ransomware. However, encrypted vaults online are the best solution as on date in the matters of cybersecurity. LegacyArmour have developed state-of-the-art e-vaults in the best interest of its’ customers.

Key features of the encrypted vaults:

Secure documents:

    With the application of encryption technology in each vault, your documents will remain safe for life.

  • Multiple vaults: You may need to secure different types of digital assets such as the financial documents, medical history, property documents, family photographs etc. to name a few. Interestingly, you have the flexibility of choosing multiple vaults here.
  • No third party entry: Third party entry to an e-vault is completely barred.<
  • Choice of recipients: You are to preselect people as the recipients here.
  • Auto-delivery of digital assets: All documents are delivered automatically as per your instructions and timing.
  • Choice of collaborators: You choose people who can collaborate on a document such as the medical history.

In short, the journey has just begun here. Many miles are still to go before the industry as a whole could go for a hibernation!

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