New Social Media Bugs Demonstrating More Social Media Risk

Social media doesn’t need any introduction today. The worldwide social media users are growing phenomenally over the years. According to a study, by the year 2021, the worldwide social media users will reach the magical figure of 3.02 billion. That’s a pretty huge growth considering the number of social media users back in 2010 at 0.97 billion only. Another study shows that the leading social media players are Facebook (market leader) that is followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few.

However, the substantial growth in the number of social media users has set the ball rolling for the hackers’ market. Having said that, we mean, data protection has increasingly become a cause of concern in the public domain. The latest ransomware attack even in the most developed countries in the world like US and Europe has essentially exposed the vulnerability of the data protection systems majorly in practice. All those put together indicates that your digital assets aren’t really secure unless you have a trusted partner like LegacyArmour to do the onus for you.

You should know here that 18 million new malware samples were detected in Q3 of the year 2016. It translates to an average of 200,000 attacks per day. Besides, an average of 4,000+ ransomware attacks have occurred per day since the beginning of 2016 and the phishing emails containing some form of ransomware rose to 97.25% in Q3 of 2016, straight 92% jump over the Q1 of 2016. The trend continues to be unrelenting anytime soon. Hence, there is a genuine concern for data protection everywhere in the corporate world and the urge for protecting your data has become important like never before.

How to protect data?

  • Create online vaults: Instead of keeping documents be it financial, personal, or others in your email account, for instance, you must opt for creating online vaults using encryption technology. This may sound troublesome to you in the first place if you have no technical knowledge about the protection of digital assets. A partner like LegacyArmour comes to your rescue here.
  • Auto deliver documents: This is yet another step to avoid data pilferage online. When you give an instruction beforehand about the automatic delivery of documents to your legal heirs, chances of an intrusion by a third party will be less as there would be no clue on the document delivery in the virtual space.
  • Restrict access to health information: Restricted access to your health information by a third party would potentially reduce the chances of a security breach in data management.
  • Preselect delivery timing and date: Choose the date and timing of delivering legacy to your legal heirs.
  • Secure network: Always use a secure network with a view to protecting your data.

Your data is important to you as well as your legal heirs. The purpose of securing your data is to ensure a smooth transfer of your legacy to the legal heirs. Can you afford to leave it to the mercy of the hackers anymore?