What Are Digital Assets?

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Digital assets are digital property that we own or have the right to use. These intangible assets are not always easy to recognize. Things like purchased MP3 files or digital video recording are easy to determine as digital assets. However, the term also includes virtual information like your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. These types of digital assets are especially valuable because they are related to your financial records and personal information. That’s why different types of digital assets benefit from the protection offered by a life monitoring platform.

Types of Digital Assets

There are several different types of digital assets that require the protection of a life monitoring platform. Purchased items typically have a predetermined value and are readily available. This includes things like music files, movie files, and computer programs. These assets are not unique and can easily be purchased on the open market. Therefore, these assets are unattractive to potential hackers.

However, personal assets including home movies and pictures are more valuable. These files are unique to their owners. Therefore, they have more sentimental value than they do monetary value. Additionally, owners of these properties are more likely to want them protected because they can not easily be replaced. This makes these digital assets liable to ransomware.

The final major type of digital assets is sensitive information. This includes information like your personal information, your financial accounts access information, your estate documents, and other unique information. If these kinds of digital assets fall into the wrong hands, it could lead to identity theft or monetary loss. Consequently, these assets require the most protection.

Life Monitoring Platform

A life monitoring platform is a secure location for your digital assets. You can use a life monitoring platform to store and manage your digital property and information. Life monitoring software encrypts data keeping it safe against hackers. The encrypted vaults protect your privacy online and consequently prevent against data theft. This makes a life monitoring platform an excellent location to store medical, financial, and other sensitive information. Additionally, you can arrange to have information released to certain people in the event of your death or incapacitation.

Digital assets are often overlooked because they are not physical property. However, in today’s digital world, many of our most valuable assets require protection from hackers and other online risks. Any information on unprotected computers, tablets, and phones is at risk. A life monitoring platform encrypts and protects sensitive information. This includes digital assets like your financial accounts access, your estate documents, your business documents, and your personal information. If you are looking for a way to protect your digital legacy, contact Legacy Armour today.

Benefits of Corporate Asset Protection

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One of the best ways to protect yourself, your family, and your business is to plan ahead. You may have already taken steps to protect your family in case of your death or incapacity. Have you protected your corporate assets yet? Asset protection doesn’t only apply to the future. You can use corporate asset protection to keep your business safe right now.

Avoid Malware

Did you know that 75% of corporate assets are digital? Digital assets, by nature, are vulnerable to malware that can harm your files if you don’t protect them. Without the right protection, your corporate assets can become targets for information distribution and destruction. Asset protection, however, helps by encrypting your information and defending it from vulnerabilities. You can keep your information safe from hackers, rogue software, and anything else that may try to harm your assets now or in the future.

Designate Your Recipients

Who will take charge of your corporate assets if something happens to you? Have you put a plan in place? Does this person know how to implement the plan? Do you know of anyone who might try to take charge against your wishes? When you use a corporate asset protection service, you won’t have to worry about any of these questions. A protection service gives you the ability to choose one or more recipients for your information. If your assets get released, only your designated recipients will have access to them.

Get It Off Your Mind

Once you set up your service, you can stop thinking about it. Check in on your assets whenever you want to check in, or focus on other things. Asset protection can become a nagging task. You promise yourself that you’ll get to it later, but when “later” doesn’t come, you get more and more stressed about it. Corporate protection gives you the knowledge that you’ve taken care of your assets. You’ll get the peace of mind that you deserve.

The Best in Asset Protection

Are you ready for some peace of mind? Let Legacy Armour help you get the asset protection you need. We offer the best in layered security, and we take every necessary step to keep your data safe. From succession planning to medical records, we provide protection and encryption for all of your most pressing needs. If you’re ready to secure your legacy, start your free trial today. Let us show you the difference that protection can make.

What Happens to Your Digital Presence Upon Your Death?

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Although nobody wants to think about death, we all plan as best as we can. We have the resources to draft wills, buy life insurance, and generally make transitions as easy as possible for our loved ones. Have you also considered getting a life monitoring platform?

What is a Life Monitoring Platform?

A life monitoring platform works like insurance for your digital presence. You can use your life monitoring platform to store all of your necessary digital information. Your loved ones can then receive that information when they need it the most.

Your Digital Footprint

Why might you use a life monitoring platform? Because your digital footprint reaches much farther than you think it does. You likely have a presence in all types of digital media. You and your doctor might comment on your medical information via a secure app, for example. You’ve probably done at least a small amount of banking online. You use software to conduct business. Where would all of that information go if you were no longer able to manage it? Will your family be able to find this information if they need it? What about business partners? If you’ve set up a plan for business transfer after your death, will the right people have access to the plan? A life monitoring platform can help with all of these things.

Easy Access

The information that you store with your life monitoring platform stays in a single place, bundled together until the moment your family needs it. Your family receives the information automatically. They won’t have to embark on a digital scavenger hunt to find the records that you left behind.

Encryption Security

You know that your family will have easy access to your information, but what about today? How will your information be protected until it needs to be released? This is where Legacy Armour’s encryption security comes in. We encrypt all of the information that you entrust to us, keeping it safe from hackers and from early release. Your family will receive your information exactly when they need it, and not a moment before.

How Else Can Legacy Armour Help?

Legacy Armour is a life monitoring platform that allows you to safely organize and store important information. You keep your files in encrypted vaults, and you specify the conditions that lead to the information’s release. If you’re ready for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan, contact us today. Whether you’re representing yourself or a business, we can help you develop your plan. Start your free trial now, or call us at 1-844-UR-Legacy.



Why You Should Have a Succession Plan for Your Small Business

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Whether you built your small business from the ground up or inherited it as part of a family tradition, your business is important to you. Do you know what would happen to your business in the case of your death or retirement? You put so much time and effort into your company. Succession planning can help you ensure its future.

What is Succession Planning?

When you develop a succession plan, you make sure that your business is prepared for anything. Succession planning means putting steps in place for adding new leadership in case anything should happen to the company’s current leadership. Although succession planning is excellent for emergency preparation, it’s not just for emergencies. You can also make a succession plan in order to cement your company’s future when you retire.

Protect Your Vision

You are the creative force behind your business. From day one, your specific vision was the roadmap to your company’s success. Your values, goals, and leadership vision are important to your business. What would happen to that vision if the leadership suddenly changed? Succession planning can help you make sure that your business maintains its original vision. Your company will always have room to grow, but you want to ensure that the original values also stay intact. You can do just that with succession planning.

Protect Your Family

A succession plan will also protect your family’s connection to your company. Is your company a family business? Succession planning will keep it that way. If your business is what covers your family’s current financial needs, you can rest assured that your family will continue to be taken care of in case of emergency.

Give Yourself Options

The right succession planning team will help you to examine all of the potential possibilities for the future of your business. From there, you can look at your long-term vision for the company and put your succession plan into place. You’ll gain clarity and peace of mind with each “what if” question you eliminate from the equation.

Let Legacy Armour Help You

At Legacy Armour, we want to help you secure what’s important to you. Legacy Armour is a life monitoring service that allows you to sort and store encrypted information to help you plan for the future. Succession planning allows you to protect the business you worked so hard to grow. If you’re ready to begin your succession plan, start your free trial now. Secure your legacy today.


Why Life Insurance Benefits Go Unclaimed

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When an insurer purchases a life insurance policy, the purpose is to provide for their loved ones upon their death. However, these life insurance benefits often go unclaimed. Here are some reasons why as well as how a life monitoring platform can prevent benefits from going unclaimed.

Forgotten Policies

In many cases, the insurer forgets about the policy or only vaguely mentions its existence to family members years prior to their death. As a result, when the insured person passes away, no one knows where the life insurance policy is located. Forgotten policies have resulted in at least $1 billion of unclaimed benefits.

Finding Lost Policies

What do you do if you don’t have the life insurance policy in hand? There are several steps you can take to discover if you are an unclaimed beneficiary. It’s time to claim what is rightfully yours. Over the next few sections, we will discuss ways to find lost policies.

Records and Storage Areas

The first step you can take to try and locate a missing life insurance policy is to search through your loved one’s records and storage areas. If you have no luck there with finding a missing life insurance policy, you can also search bank statements and tax returns. Bank statements can indicate monthly policy payments, and tax returns may show interest from an insurance policy.

Former Employers

Many people set up life insurance policies when they begin their first career. If your deceased loved one held several jobs, you should check with those businesses for any outstanding policies. It would not be unusual for a life insurance policy to remain in effect years after your loved one left that employment for another job.

Unclaimed Property Offices

You can also search for unclaimed insurance policies through a state unclaimed property office. If a life insurance provider can’t locate a beneficiary, it will release the funds to the state in which the policy was purchased. By searching the database, you can determine if you are owed money from an unclaimed policy.

Life Monitoring Platform

To better prepare for your family’s needs in the event of your death, it would be prudent to participate in a life monitoring platform. With a life monitoring platform, you can store all your important documents in one, easy to access location. This includes life insurance policies, beneficiaries, last wishes, funeral directives, and more. Don’t risk your life insurance policy getting lost or forgotten. If you need assistance with your estate planning, contact LegacyArmour at 1-844-875-3422 today.

Here Is How To Protect Your Life In Advanced Digitization Era

Here Is How To Protect Your Life In Advanced Digitization Era

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Inexplicable Orangeworm Cyber Attack Hits The Medical Sector

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Are Encrypted Vaults a Best Practice For Data Security?

Encrypted Vaults Is Best Practice For Data Security

Even a minute data security failure could eventually lead to huge organizational damage.  In fact, statistics show that many companies that suffer a data breach go out of business because of the loss of consumer trust. Adding to that, the Federal Trade Commission has established that a failure to implement adequate security is an unfair trade practice that can result in fines and criminal charges. So it is highly essential to protect your Corporate legacy by using state of the art encryption practices. Continue reading “Are Encrypted Vaults a Best Practice For Data Security?”

Significance Of Encrypted Vaults To Organize Your Important Information

Significance Of Encrypted Vaults To Organize Your Important Information

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Is Cryptocurrency The New Malady Or A Boon?

Is Cryptocurrency The New Malady Or A Boon

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