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Revealed: How to Generate More Referrals for Your Agency with Asset Protection

Revealed: How to Generate More Referrals for Your Agency with Asset Protection

More and more people are searching for a streamlined system that can consolidate everything that they want in their estate plan into one secure place. Asset protection is becoming a vital component of estate planning. With all of a client’s important documents compiled into one place, it’s important to ensure that place has incredible security. 

Offering your clients a secure, convenient process to plan and protect their assets can be a great benefit not only to your clients but also to you, the agent. Legacy Armour is a digital legacy planning and protection tool that recognizes that a person is more than the things they own. People value their relationships, experiences, principles and stories and include these as a part of what they want to leave behind. Unsurprisingly, addressing this is a much more attractive way for agents to walk alongside clients making decisions about their legacy and plans for asset protection.

For agents, the Legacy Armour platform offers a secure and simple way to build trust with current clients, seek out referrals from those happy clients, and generate warm leads through Legacy Armour’s planning system as well as their advisor referral network. Thanks to Legacy Armour’s secure digital legacy planning, agencies can expand their services while growing their referral business with a Legacy Armour offering.

A Change in Advisor Planning

This change from basic estate planning to digital legacy planning has inevitably led to a shift in the way finance and insurance advisors run their businesses. Not only are they required to be involved in a client’s asset protection after their passing, but now they are also expected to engage in all the different aspects of their personal life. Legacy planning takes into account a client’s success and future while keeping the client’s values and personal relationships in mind.

Legacy Armour is an innovative technology that allows an advisor to engage in digital legacy planning with their clients. It is a platform that securely stores wills, trust, video messages, health directives, business operation instructions — anything that a client wants to make sure is in a secure, easily discoverable place if they are incapacitated. It engages both digital legacy planning as well as secure asset protection. 

Legacy Armour has created robust, technological vaults for anything your client values and would like to pass on. As an advisor, when you offer your clients the use of Legacy Armour, you are offering them relief from worrying about many of the documents and messages they might hope to leave behind but might not quite know how to do. Beyond offering comprehensive planning for your current clients, incorporating Legacy Armour into your offerings gives advisors a competitive advantage.

Legacy Armour

Legacy Armour technology is built to engage new referrals from current clients. Every agent and agency is looking for growth opportunities, and growth comes from finding new leads that can be converted into paying buyers. Traditional methods involve aggressive sales work, but today these methods aren’t as effective as they were in the past. In fact, as an insurance or financial advisor, the focus is not on sales but on providing advice and planning encompassing both a consumers' finances and insurance policies.

The Legacy Armour system helps you solve the problem of lead generation by enabling new leads to present themselves to you through existing clients. They have a connection that assures them that your services are trustworthy and they can rely on you for the protection of their assets and management of their finances. 

These connections are made through the Legacy Armour platform, namely because each of your clients can have three digital vaults for their legacy planning, and each vault can have two recipients. These are the people who will receive the digital information in the vault whenever your client chooses for them to receive it. You can easily get between one to six new prospects for your business from each of your clients; assigning recipients is part of the digital vault setup in which clients input recipient information, including personal contact information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The Legacy Armour Advantage

Through the use of the Legacy Armour system, you can gain a competitive advantage over businesses that might be offering similar, albeit inferior services manually. By reducing time spent going after referrals and instead offering quality products and services, you can ensure that your business continues to grow without facing many of the problems that the digital legacy planning sector experiences in terms of generating and managing leads.

The Legacy Armour site is a simple and convenient option for advisors to grow their business and generate revenue while delighting their current clients. To understand in detail how Legacy Armour can support your advisory business, watch our advisor’s training video

Interested in hearing an expanded discussion on these topics? Listen to the SpotOn podcast, Episode 101, where Legacy Armour’s CEO Sahar Ismail and CEO of IQS Advisors Sal Ismail discuss in greater detail innovations within both the security and advisory industries to better meet client’s needs and support advisor’s ability to create dynamic offerings for their clients.

At Legacy Armour, our hope is to not only help your clients own an important asset protection system but also help them protect their legacy, ensuring that loved ones have access to everything involved in that legacy when the time comes.

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