Secure And Protect Your Digital Assets From Security Breaches

The increasing pace of digitization and malware attacks worldwide has stirred the cybersecurity industry. It is now an open secret that all hell will break loose anytime soon provided remedial measures aren’t initiated well in advance. Hence, you cannot ignore the importance of managing the digital assets as an individual or a company. In fact, Equifax debacle and the ransomware attacks in 2017 have repeatedly shown how poor is the present cyber protection system of a number of companies even in the US. Therefore, it would be a fair assumption that you and your business too will by default be a victim here.

Therefore, you need a foolproof digital asset management system that can potentially avert data breach and protect the legacy. However, things like cybersecurity insurance have done a justice here by lending an additional security cover to the end users through their security agencies. As such, working with a company like Legacy Armour will always be beneficial for you as an individual and an enterprise both in the short-run and the long-run. The best part here is that the end users do not need to share any cost burden for this extra layer of security. It is their partner companies that bear the cost and it’s up to you to select the partner for cyber protection.

However, to promote this insurance further, prestigious awards like Cybersecurity InsurTech have been instituted in the recent times in the US. You will be happy to know that Legacy Armour is the recipient of the Top 10 InsurTech Award 2017. However, the take away from here is that unless you secure your digital assets in the right hands, some hackers will screw up your happiness for sure that will result in colossal losses both in terms of money and legacy

However, to keep things in the right perspective, it is important to mention that your legacy isn’t confined to the digitized financial documents. It is a sum total of many things such as your address, social security number, date of birth, digitized financial documents, health information, family photographs and video clips to name a few here. Hence, you must know how to keep them secure online. Here is a list of a few things to follow for the purpose.

  • E-vaults: Hiring encrypted e-vaults, you can actually avert many lapses here.
  • Choice of the delivery method: Preselection of the delivery method, date, and timing to despatch the digitized assets to the designated recipients is important.
  • Preselection of recipients: You must name the legal heirs who would receive the assets.
  • Preselection of collaborators: Your physician, for instance, might need to access your medical history. In such a case, you have to specially instruct how far the physician can go.
  • Working in a secure environment: Always work in a secure environment especially when you are uploading data.
  • Demand for insurance: Demand for working with an agent who has the cybersecurity insurance.

In short,cyber protection is a complex process that involves a lot of precautions and security measures at every step. In the end, your digital assets are well managed and stay protected.