How Shortage Of Cyber Skills Increase Data Security Threat

The shortage of quality manpower in cybersecurity has become a serious concern today for the businesses across the globe. According to a recent report of ISSA (Information Systems Security Information, a not for profit international organization for information security practitioners and professionals), the shortage here is acute. The report also recommended measures for tackling the shortage effectively and to protect digital assets worldwide. However, another report says that 77% of the chief information officers of UK caution about a precarious situation out this shortage in the next 5-year period beginning with July 2016. They also predicted a high rate of employment in this sector during this period.
The Global State of Information Security Survey 2016 from PWC reported that there was an overall 38% increase of global security lapses in 2015 while two third of the big businesses in the US were hit by cyber attacks in 2015. All those put together reaffirms the need for a strong digital safe box that can actually help to protect your legacy in a safe and secure environment. That’s where companies like LegacyArmour have brought about a sea change in US and in other parts of the world including Europe recently. The company has introduced a slew of measures here in sync with the years of hands-on experience and expertise of its founding members.

The good news is that several reputed organizations are working globally towards a common goal of protecting your legacy. As a matter of fact, new systems and security arrangements such as the digital safe box has become a reality in the cyberspace. However, the major reasons for the lapses in online security have been attributed to the following.

  • Nonalignment of business goal with security: With an increase in sales, your business deals with more data. It means your existing setup gradually becomes ineffective to manage data. A situation like makes the data vulnerable to cyber attacks. In fact, 43% of the respondents in a survey cite nonalignment of business goal with security as the major reason for the lapses here.
  • Inadequate training and upgrade: With the passage of time, every business needs an upgrade on its systems and people with a view to dealing with a larger chunk of data than before. This, in other words, means apart from a system upgrade, there must be an increased in-house or external training support to the existing manpower keeping them abreast with the recent developments in the cyberspace.  At the same time, businesses must upgrade its’ software with a view to arresting any loop there.
  • Lack of automation: Organizations must strive for automation at the workplace especially with regard to the data management. It should introduce more and more digital safe box to ensure security.
  • Poor manpower planning: Like any other element of your business, you must plan for adequate manpower in advance here.

The good news is that businesses around the world are working relentlessly to protect your legacy. However, it is still a long way to go and industries need a long drawn plan to eliminate the ever-increasing threats online.