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Significance Of Encrypted Vaults To Organize Your Important Information

Believe it or not, every marketing decision today is driven by data. Having said that, we mean, businesses today cannot run without their database as they have shifted from offline to the online model of business. It applies to industries on a holistic basis. As a matter of fact, hackers have become more aggressive and active than ever before aiming

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The Industries At Risk After The Latest Cyber Attacks

Though it may sound ambiguous, the truth is that technology is like a gun. You can use it for self-defence or for the destruction of the masses. Having said that, we mean, the way you use technology makes a huge difference to your own life. Hence, it is unfortunate but true that malware activities have been strong in the recent

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Digital Security Is A Fad Or A Reality?

Today, people cannot think of life without internet and the mobile phone. Having said that, we mean, people are increasing feeling the urge of staying connected round the clock and 365 days a year. The reason behind this urge can be attributed to personal and the business interests. However, the gist is that digitization has been deeply rooted to everyday

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