Encrypted Vaults Is Best Practice For Data Security

Are Encrypted Vaults a Best Practice For Data Security?

Even a minute data security failure could eventually lead to huge organizational damage.  In fact, statistics show that many companies that suffer a data breach go out of business because of the loss of consumer trust. Adding to that, the Federal Trade Commission has established that a failure to implement adequate security is an unfair trade practice that can result […]

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Cybersecurity Insurance A Major Need For Financial Professionals

Cybersecurity Insurance: A Major Need For Financial Professionals

Concerns about cybersecurity have come to the forefront like never before in view of the growing threat perceptions all over the world. Having said that, we mean, more and more security lapses causing damages worth millions worldwide have stirred the industries that have pushed for digitization. However, the need for digitization is no more a fantasy. It is indeed the […]

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LegacyArmour Can Help You In Preserving Your Legacy

How LegacyArmour Can Help You In Preserving Your Legacy?

What Are Digital Assets? and What Do They Have to Do With My Legacy? Digital assets such as family photos, legal documents, website and social media access and special video/ message instructions have a high sentimental and consequently monetary value to the information owner. The monetary value is a result of one simple question: “What would you be willing to […]

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