2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Your Priority!

2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The evolution of science and technology has brought many changes since the time immemorial. The journey of the internet, for instance, began in the 1960’s. However, its real journey for the masses started much later. Along with it, came the malware. The purpose of designating October as the National Cybersecurity Month is to raise the awareness on the malware that can potentially rob anyone (an individual or a company) at any point. It also aims to keep the masses updated on the importance of staying secure online. Continue reading “2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Your Priority!”

What do you do with your digital assets?

Digital Assets – Part III

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we discussed what Digital Assets were, determined that they have value, and discussed what that value was and why we would care. We’ll wrap up this series by discussing what you can do to keep your assets safe and ensure that they are transferred to others if something happens to you.

Continue reading “What do you do with your digital assets?”

Zero Knowledge Encryption

What is Zero Knowledge Encryption?

Everyone has heard of encryption in the news these days.  And everyone has a basic idea of what it is, but the details of encryption and how it is implemented can make the difference between whether your data is truly secure or if you merely have the illusion of security.  This is why at SecretValet we use something called “Zero Knowledge Encryption”, but I’m getting ahead of myself.   Continue reading “Zero Knowledge Encryption”