Why Encryption Makes a Difference


The internet is almost infinite and is full of private information. This makes your information available to you quickly, but it can also make it easy for others to access. This is why it is important for your information to be kept safe through encryption.

What Is Encryption?

Encryption takes data and puts it into a code. This makes it so that anytime you send out information, only the authorized individual receiving it will be able to see it the way that you sent it. This allows only certain individuals to access the information. Even if someone else does find a way to access the information, they won’t be able to understand any of it.

Encryption You May Recognize

Many of us used a simple form of encryption during our childhood and didn’t even realize it. Did you ever pass notes to your friends in class with symbols that represented words? If you did, this is a form of encryption. Maybe you even created a secret code using numbers and the alphabet. Even as children, we were finding ways to keep our information safe.

Why Is Encryption Important?

It is always important to protect your personal information, even if you feel that it is already secure. If someone steals your information, it would be easy for them to steal your identity or do other damage. For example, if your data isn’t protected, someone could easily gain access to your address and bank information. And once they have this information, it doesn’t take long for them to do damage. Having money stolen and your accounts closed are only a few things that could happen. However, with data protection through encryption, you get an extra layer of security, preventing the wrong people from accessing your information.

Layers of Encryption

Something else that is great about encryption is that every website does it differently and some even use multiple layers of protection. This makes it more difficult for others to access your data. In addition, encryption codes can be changed frequently to prevent hackers from finding ways to crack the code.

Encryption is important in many ways. It helps to keep your information safe from hackers who would use this data to do damage such as steal your identity. This could cause a lot of unwanted trouble. You could end up losing money and even have your accounts closed. At Legacy Armour, we use customized encryption keys to protect your legacy. To learn more about encryption and how it can keep your information safe, visit Legacy Armour today.

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