Is Cybersecurity Insurance A Smart Investment For Your Business?

Is Cybersecurity Insurance A Smart Investment For Your Business

Cybersecurity breaches have become one of the most predictable parts of every business. Almost every year, many companies are losing hundreds of billions which is more than the amount spends on recovering from hurricanes. In addition to that when the information like social security numbers and other sensitive data are stolen and it breaks into digital systems. Continue reading “Is Cybersecurity Insurance A Smart Investment For Your Business?”

Things You Must Do To Secure Life, Estate, Or Financial Assets

Things You Must Do To Secure Life, Estate, Or Financial Assets

With the growing need for online safety in the face of the malware attacks, you will find advice from all and sundry. But, listening from the horse’s mouth always pays. Having said that, we mean, it is the real world and thus, experts advising on how to secure your life, estate, or life insurance must be genuine. That’s where companies like LegacyArmour have carved a niche. This is no jargon. You too would agree when you talk to the people there. Sahar M. Ismail, for instance, is the CEO of LegacyArmour. She has more two decades of hands-on experience and expertise in cyber protection while managed clients’ assets worth billions.

A token of appreciation here is the 2017 InsurTech Top 10 award to LegacyArmour for its outstanding contribution protecting the legacy of millions worldwide. However, to put things in the right perspective, it is important to mention that securing your personal assets is a conscious choice you make at the time of hiring advisors. For instance, when you hire the services of an advisor to do the financial, estate, or the life insurance planning, you must not forget to ask how he would bring cybersecurity insurance in your favour. The onus to mention that this insurance is one of the most trusted mechanism to date to secure digital assets.

Why insurance on cybersecurity?

This is a very rational question here, especially for the Gen Y who would soon join the workforce contributing to the development of their country or their employer organizations. In return, they will earn handsome money. At the same time, they would need to plan in advance about their future such as the family, retirement etc. Here is a list of few points that will urge Gen Y and the people belonging to the old school of thought to go for further protection from the Cybersecurity Insurtech companies.

    • Free to the end users: This may be surprising but true that this insurance comes free of cost to the end users like you. Having said that, we mean, when your advisor works with a company that has this insurance on its side, you get automatically covered.
    • Additional cover: Despite using the highest grade encryption and the encrypted e-vaults, the possibility of an online security breach cannot be ruled out completely. After all, data upload starts with you and how secure is the environment where you work will decide the future of your cybersecurity.
    • Protecting legacy: With an insurance against the financial losses, your lifelong savings and inheritances stand completely protected here.
    • Freedom from worries: Since you get the extra cover of an insurance here, you feel free to live on your own terms without worrying about the future or the legacy.

The increased pace of digitization for all types of assets worldwide has set the ball rolling in favour of the cybersecurity insurance. Therefore, it is the high time that you ask your advisors with a mandate to ensure compliance here on your estate, life insurance, and the financial assets. Act smart and stay blessed on the journey called life.

2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Your Priority!

2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The evolution of science and technology has brought many changes since the time immemorial. The journey of the internet, for instance, began in the 1960’s. However, its real journey for the masses started much later. Along with it, came the malware. The purpose of designating October as the National Cybersecurity Month is to raise the awareness on the malware that can potentially rob anyone (an individual or a company) at any point. It also aims to keep the masses updated on the importance of staying secure online. Continue reading “2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Your Priority!”

Digital Security Is A Fad Or A Reality?

Today, people cannot think of life without internet and the mobile phone. Having said that, we mean, people are increasing feeling the urge of staying connected round the clock and 365 days a year. The reason behind this urge can be attributed to personal and the business interests. However, the gist is that digitization has been deeply rooted to everyday living. Internet revolution has fast paced the digitization process.

Continue reading “Digital Security Is A Fad Or A Reality?”