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The Perfect Fit: Legacy Armour and Life Insurance Packages

Life insurance packages can give you and your family a layer of protection that can put your mind at ease. When you combine your life insurance with the security of Legacy Armour, you have everything that you need to secure your plans for your family’s future. With Legacy Armour, you can store your life insurance information in encrypted digital vaults. A plan with Legacy Armour fits perfectly into any life insurance packages. Read on to find out why.

You Choose the Trigger

Life insurance benefits are not automatic. Your family will have to claim their benefits. We mentioned recently that a lot of life insurance benefits go unclaimed because people don’t realize that they’re entitled to those benefits. When someone experiences a loss, he or she is likely not thinking of practicalities like life insurance packages. However, when you store your life insurance documents with Legacy Armour, you choose your beneficiaries and the trigger that prompts your information delivery. Your loved ones can get your life insurance information automatically upon your death or incapacitation. This way, they’ll know exactly what to do without having to search for information or instructions.

Encrypt Your Information

In addition to automatic information storage, you get automatic security when you store life insurance packages with Legacy Armour. We encrypt your files before we upload them, not afterward. Some services don’t encrypt documents until after you upload them, leaving your information vulnerable to hacking and other dangers during the upload process. Legacy Armour will protect your information for your family throughout every step of the way.

Store All Related Documents

When you store information from life insurance packages with Legacy Armour, you also get to store related documents as well. When you use our encrypted vaults, your plan includes estate planning documents for you to fill out and sign. Each plan also comes with personalized messages for each of your recipients. You can remind your family how much you love them while providing simple instructions that will make their lives easier.

Life Insurance Packages and Legacy Armour

Are you ready to protect your family by adding Legacy Armour to your life insurance packages? Then we’re here to help you through every step. With Legacy Armour, you can safely store all documents related to your estate, your finances, your medical information, and more. Secure your future with Legacy Armour today. Start here to begin your free trial.

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