The Executive Team

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” ― James C. Collins, Good to Great.

It is our strong belief that the Team is the most important ingredient to the success of any endeavor. The LegacyArmour team is passionate about improving people’s lives. We engage with communities to help support family structure and those who are in need.

Sahar Ismail – Co-founder / CEO
Sahar has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s Degree in Security Technology from the University of Minnesota. She is multi-lingual and has worked for several fortune 50 companies in technical leadership positions. Sahar holds multiple patents in encryption algorithms and security and is the co-founder, CEO for LegacyArmour; a legacy planning and asset protection Insurtech company. Sahar’s passion is solving for billions of dollars of unclaimed benefits that families need if a loved one passed away. She is a cyber security professional during the day, a mother all day and a sailor whenever she can get away.

Michael Lester – Co-founder / Chairman
Michael is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, was a decorated U.S. Marine Corps pilot and an IT and leadership instructor at the Naval Academy. He is currently the CISO for a multinational software development company the co-founder and chairman of the board of LegacyArmour. Michael has been instrumental in both greenfield startups and multiple acquisitions. He is a member of MENSA, holds bachelor’s degrees in History and Electrical Engineering, a master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA with emphasis in Leadership Development, and holds multiple security and privacy certifications including CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, CISM, and CEH.

Douglas Marsh – Chief Technology Officer

Douglas has 13 years of experience architecting, designing, building, enhancing, and maintaining enterprise level applications.  As a full time consultant, he is a trusted adviser to many CIO’s and is frequently the first person they call when they need advice on application efficiency and security.  Douglas is an integral part of the LegacyArmour team and has been involved with the ideation and creation of LegacyArmour from its envisionment to it’s full deployment.

Sebastiaan Kors – International Advisor
Sebastiaan has a degree in Economics and extensive experience growing and promoting new ventures. He has been through multiple growth and exit events and is now a principal with TIIN Capital in The Hague and Blue Whale Ventures, an international accelerator. Sebastiaan works to bring firms that show high promise into the international market through his close connections with The Hague Security Delta and the Innovation Quarter.

Maarten van Kroonenburg — International Advisor
Maarten has an MBA and vast experience in the growth and marketing of international startups. He is a Principal of Blue Whale Ventures and has been the driving force behind three different firms from founding through sale to larger organizations.